1. Lori Estep

    I loved the article. Passed it on to a few friends of mine. Keep it up!!

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    Hello from Ukraine !

    This the VERY interesting topic, and article written very good, thank you for it !

    Now, as for me, the Ukrainian woman, I say you that I am unclear exactly as to a feminists mind and motive.

    For the woman that seeks the equal wages, the equal behaviour towards her, the absence of sexual gesture such as rear slap etc, this the normal struggle all women should strive for I believe.

    But, I have friends who have left Ukraine and live with their men, 1 in USA, 1 in Uk, also 1 in Poland and 1 in Austria. These girls have said me much about what occurs in these nations, including about feminist movements, and, it seems to us that such movements do not seek to further equality for women but, to bash the man, denounce him as a lesser being. To chastise his every compliment towards woman, to force him into a submissive role in this life. This is not for me, nor my girls, we are Ukrainian women, with the traditional view of relations between man and woman, proud to be, we enjoy wear the female clothing, we like when man looks, compliments, admires from distance and, when we choose, admires close up. We simply wish not to be handled when against our will, and earn the equal wages when engaging in employment of equal tasks.

    So, now I wait the attack from these women from their computers, they surely would not try enter Ukraine to denounce me, their overt feminism would betray them at our border, and our guards would say them “GET OUT” 🙂

    Rivne – Ukraine.

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      Hi Marina:

      Thanks a lot for writing! It seems to me that you have conflicting motivations in doing so. On the one hand, you very kindly wish to say hello, I’m here, I’m a Ukrainian woman and I have rights. On the other hand, you seem to be looking for some kind of “attack from these women from their computers,” whom you imagine will denounce you for what you have to say here.

      I’m certainly not going to denounce you. And as for your desire for equal pay and to be treated with dignity and respect by all men, we are with you. BY “we,” I mean the international feminist community. I actually have to say that I’ve never met a feminist who wants to “force” men to be “submissive.” Feminism is against making anyone feel or be submissive. Feminism is for equality between women and men.

      I think you’d have a hard time finding an American feminist willing to denounce another woman for wishing “not to be handled against [her] will.” We want the same thing. The only people who I can imagine attacking you for suggesting that you should have the right to your dignity and bodily autonomy are right-wing zealots, male and female, who hate feminism and who sincerely believe that women should be “submissive” to men. Fortunately, you didn’t write to them. You wrote to me, and I welcome you here.

      In feminist solidarity,

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    Well researched. Discussed deep, though how do you think
    we human being is a mammal who is the self-domesticated one,
    with onset of the agriculture.
    Then we or our ancestor started multiple ovulation and lost the
    fixed season like all other animals.
    ( That’s why all over the world, terra-cotta figure of Godess
    appeared in this period / only in this period)

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      Thank you for this thoughtful response. I’m interested in your theory about multiple ovulation. I’m not a biologist, of any sort, but I could imagine the scenario in which human beings were so disadvantaged that only the one who were continuously “in heat” could keep the species going. I don’t think that such an adaptation or mutation would occur simultaneously with the development of religion. The goddess figures are a much, much later development in human culture. Honestly, that is just my guess. I’d be interested to know what Elise Boulding would have to say about it.

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        Goddess figure may not necessary of the religion. In fact
        many of the so-called ” venous figure ” of stone age are
        about 20.000 years old. ( Before the start of agriculture )
        But my speculation is, when a woman bore the child twice a
        year first time (due to multiple ovulation) people saw her as
        “She is the Goddess of fertility” and made a figure to warship.
        Though, when multiple ovulation become normal such
        Goddess lost a significance thus no longer made.

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