Happy Beltane, Everyone.

The ancient Celtic people celebrated the beginning of summer on May 1, or thereabouts, with feasting and celebrations.  Check out “veritas curat’s” interesting blog on the festival here.

Dani McClain writes fiercely and well about the ideological aims of what she represents as a particularly nauseating ABC special about black single women.  As she notes in “Unmarried Black Women: We’re Here, We’re Fierce, Get Used to it”:

Nothing about the tone of or approach to these stories tells me they’re actually for me or other unmarried black women. Just as I can’t imagine 19th century black women flocking to catch a glimpse of the Hottentot Venus, I don’t imagine that I’m the target audience for these contemporary public humiliations. So for whom are these stories being produced? What’s causing editors to green-light the inane pitches that develop into these media train wrecks?

The Mission Statement of the fabulous project, Girls Write Now:

Girls Write Now provide guidance, support, and opportunities for New York City’s underserved or at-risk high school girls, enabling them to develop their creative, independent voices, explore careers in professional writing, and learn how to make healthy choices in school, career, and life.

Michele Obama honored GWN’s receipt of the prestigious 2009 Coming Up Taller Award:

Maya and Tina w Michelle