My first plein air painting in years

My first plein air painting in years

I have been driving around this gorgeous mesa that slopes south-west here in south-west Colorado.  I’m sloping south-west too, these days.  Continuously cursing myself for not having brought a camera, I’ve gone round thinking–that! that!  I want to paint that! And I have these grand Georgia-O’Keefe/Frida Khalo fantasies.  (BTW: Did you see that recent film?? What Dreck!! So insultingly saccharine! It was on the other night and I could not sit through it.)  Right. So, me and my non-Hollywood fantasies.

Right after I got here I bought a small set of oils, some decent but inexpensive brushes, a canvas board and mineral spirits.  But I didn’t go out.  That’s right, I procrastinated until the very second to last day here.  But I did, indeed, go out, to what has a become my favorite stretch of Rimrock road.  I sat in the dirt, cleaned my brushes on cow-grass and rock, and tryed to express what I was seeing.

I think it’s pretty awful, but I’m posting it anyway.


Off Rimrock Road, Looking up into the Grand Mesa, Colorado

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