Second Plein Air Painting

Second Plein Air Painting

A little better today.  I spent more time on it and had a rag to wipe out mistakes and my brushes.  I’m learning.  The best think about painting is getting lost in the project.  I don’t think about anything else while I’m working.  I’m just trying to see what there is to see, and figure out a way to get it down in paint.   Even though I’m not good, I get a lot out of the process.  I feel authentically myself when I am painting, much more so than when I’m writing.  Maybe that is because I have no pretentions of being “good” at painting, while I do think highly of my writing skills.    

I think I indeed be quite happy living here.  The valley that you get to on Cactus Park Road here is incredibly beautiful.  I can’t imagine ever running out of things to paint there.

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