Yoga at 3 degrees; Bikram Day 62

Got up this morning at 6.30 in order to get down to the studio for the first class, at 8.  The temperature was 3 degrees.

After the first 90 minute class, I felt fine.  Not winded, not tired, not even particularly hot.  10 minutes into the next session, I began to feel dizzy and had to sit down.  I didn’t stay down long, however, and carried on valiantly through the rest of the class.  I did standing bow better, in fact, because I had warmed my muscles.  My right ham string still hurts a lot.

I got lucky.  The two best teachers taught the classes, one after the other, and a couple of other women yoga-buddies were also doing doubles.  We worked hard.  We congratulated each other afterward.

I slept for two hours this afternoon.  I’m re-reading Canopus in Argos: Archives.  Also Prisons We Choose to Live Inside.  Doris Lessing.  She is very wise.  I have been meditating on her and plan to write about her over the next few weeks, years, decades.  Make that the rest of my life.

In Prisons, she writes,

This business of seeing ourselves as in the right, others in the wrong; our cause as right, theirs as wrong; our ideas as correct, theirs as nonsense, if not downright evil…Well, in our sober moments, our human moments, the times when we think, redirect, and allow our rational minds to dominate us, we all of us suspect that this ‘I am right, you are wrong’ is, quite simply, nonsense.

‘All things are a flowing…’ as Heraclitus, the old Greek philosopher, said.

There is no such thing as my being in the right, my side being in the right, because within a generation or two, my present way of thinking is bound to be found perhaps faintly ludicrous, perhaps quite outmoded by new development–at the best, something that has been changed, all passion spent, into a small part of a great process, a development.

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