Rising Steelers Star William Gay, On Intimate Partner Violence

Here we go: Pittsburgh’s Going to the Superbowl.

Thanks to William Gay.   His touchdown in the last game cinched a tense, drawn-out conflict.  The cornerback also tops the list of Rising Sports Stars to watch in February, 2011.

When Mr. Gay  was eight years old, his stepfather murdered his mother.  Although his grief and rage might have driven him to despair, his inner strength–the quality that makes him truly manly, and great, saw him through.

Watch and listen to his amazing story here, and here:

8 thoughts on “Rising Steelers Star William Gay, On Intimate Partner Violence

  1. I I had started a women’s ministry against domestic violence (Enough) a Min. for women that have been abused and battered as myself. I felt a strong need to go fourth and help stop the terrible act that affect many family members especially children. It is so nessersary to bring awareness to young women and even young men that has experence in home violence, how not to carry this on in their behavior.
    April 9th 2011 would you contact me if anyway possible that you can speak at my conforence held in Pittsburgh at the bistro’s dinning Hall on the north side. e-mail- enough.wadv@verizon.net

      1. The conference will be held at the Bistro- togo dinningroom on april 9th 2011 on east ohio st. in pittsburgh, pa I was looking for speekers at the time and is now filled but I do want so much to find out your involvement in domestic violence we need so much to go fourth in this ministry for all that are broken that they too can be healed and set free from such a strong hold. The name of this ministry is Enough.

      2. I have been trying to contact William Gay NFL Pittsburgh Steeler to speek at a conference event up coming. I wanted to scedule it around your date of convenience.
        i feel a need for men to be involved in this conference, due to many men that is affected by this act of violence also, and to bring awareness to the table. I have rounded up men for a fation show and would like to have you speak. I have been in prayer about this and hope I can hear from you soon. I was so blessed by you testemony, i am sorry I missed your e-mail than but hope to be in touch.

      3. I don’t know if you had recieved my last message about the up coming event. I was very disapointed in the fact I missed your email that you had sent when giving the last conference. I didn’t reconize your email. I want so much for men to be involved in fighting against domestic violence. Because of how much they are affected. My sons experence seeing me go through abuse. My sons want to be active in the Ministry. I was pleased that men are willing to hit the runway and model, to stand against domestic violence for women. I want so much for you to speak, but understand your tuff scedule. I am so willing to set the scedule accourding to your convenience. Your story had inspired so many and really touched my heart. I would like to know if you would grace the Ministry with your story. It will be given at a hall in Pittsburgh. Please answer Thank you. Flora

        1. Hello Flora:

          I’ve responded to you a couple of times through ordinary email, but will also do so here. I would be pleased to speak at your conference. Thank you, again, for inviting me! Since I will be leaving the country in less than a month, I suspect that it will be difficult to schedule a time that works for both of us. I was under the impression that you had already staged this conference? Have you not yet done so? Where will it be? When do you expect it to take place? How many people do you expect to attend?

  2. I wanted to tell you alittle more on this Ministry ENOUGH WADV stand women against domestic violence.
    I admire men that come fourth and speak against domestic violence. Your story was so powerful that it needs to be addressed more for many to be aware that this act of abuse progress. As i had planed men to fashion and hit the run way with a speaker as your self to bring hope, to broken men and women. I had written a book on my life how I survived an abusesive relationship. i hope you can scedule a time you can speak. Thank you so much. Flora

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