Contraception for horses but not women #abortion; #TitleX;

In yet another display of their utter contempt for American women, the GOP has introduced legislation that would provide contraception for wild horses at the same time that it has voted to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, which provides education and birth control that prevent approximately 621,000 unwanted pregnancies a year.

As Thomas at NARAL reports,


Politico and RH Reality Check are reporting that anti-choice Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana has introduced an amendment to a spending bill that would promote contraception–for wild horses….

Ted Miller, communications director for NARAL Pro-Choice America, said the move would be ridiculous if the stakes weren’t so high:

House members fighting to preserve a horse’s right to birth control would be laughable, if they weren’t trying to block women from accessing contraception at the exact same time. What’s next? An amendment that would allow veterinarians to refuse to provide birth control to a horse if the vet is personally opposed to contraception?


Women who have access to contraception are far more likely to obtain and hold onto good jobs, and that economic independence allows them to free themselves from abusive and controlling men.   The GOP would like to return us all to a darker age when women did not have the freedom to make their own reproductive choices.

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