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  1. Nan B.

    I love reading your tales about Bikram yoga and the 100 day challenge. I had so many of the same thoughts and feelings…and still do. When you said “meeting this challenge is the by far the best thing I have done with my life in a very long time,” I was reminded of a job interview that I went on around day 90. My main focus was on yoga and finishing the challenge and I didn’t really want to think about a job but I went on the interview anyway. I was asked the question, “what has been your greatest accomplishment – professional or personal?” Although I hadn’t yet reached my goal, I answered that I was on day 90 of 100 consecutive days of Bikram yoga and that has been my greatest accomplishment. I really don’t think my interviewer could understand the significance of this. Six months ago I didn’t understand. I didn’t get that job and for days after that I tried to think of something else I could have said. I do believe that it has been my greatest accomplishment…and the best thing I have ever done for myself too. Hope I get to practice with you on day 100!

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    Nan, I am your biggest fan. You inspired me to sign up for the 100 day challenge and you continue to inspire me, every single day.
    It is indeed an enormous accomplishment to dedicate 100 consecutive days of your life in moving meditation to the practice of getting stronger and healthier in body and mind. I think everyone who practices peace within helps to spread peace throughout the world, just as everyone who practices loving herself helps to spread love throughout the world. What could be more important?

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