Glenn Beck Compares Reform Judaism to “Radical Islam” | Religion Dispatches

It’s true: on Tuesday, Glenn Beck compared politically-progressive Reform Judaism to radical Islam, while taking potshots at a letter signed by 400 rabbis from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist denominations calling for his ouster from Fox News.

And on Wednesday, Beck led his radio program with a lengthy (and oddly self-congratulatory) apology for the comparison, calling it “ignorant.”

“I certainly had not done enough homework,” Beck said, “to go on the air and haphazardly make a comment like I did.”

via Glenn Beck Apologizes for Comparing Reform Judaism to “Radical Islam” | Religion Dispatches.

Huh?  He had to do “homework” to know the difference between Reform Judaism and radical Islam? Not that radical Islam is such a well-understood category.


Reform Judaism: various beliefs, practices and organizations associated with the Reform Jewish movement in North Americathe United Kingdom and elsewhere.[1] In general, it maintains that Judaism and Jewishtraditions should be modernized and should be compatible with participation in the surrounding culture. Many branches of Reform Judaism hold that Jewish law should be interpreted as a set of general guidelines rather than as a list of restrictions whose literal observance is required of all Jews.[2][3] Similar movements that may also be called “Reform” include the Israeli Progressive Movement and its worldwide counterpart.

Radical Islam: Not defined.

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