Still Breathing: Bikram Day 101

March 2: Ja, yesterday I reached my goal, but I passed the milestone that I really cared about today.  There’s a tradition at our studio to come the day after you’ve hit 100 classes in as many days.  The congratulations I got today were fewer and quieter (yesterday Sherie Dyer, who is awesome in general, made this awesome celebration sign for me:

My boyfriend took a photo of me with Sam, who is a Pennsylvania yoga champion, holding the sign, and Kasper van den Wijngaard, who is a world bikram yoga champion, doing his classic scorpion. He took another one of me with the whole class.   I will post these photo when I get my digital fingers on them.  After the photos were taken, Sam put the poster in front of my mat so I could stare at it for 90 minutes).

Today I felt as though my practice was genuinely beginning today, because I had come to the studio not to meet the challenge, but rather simply to practice yoga.  Tomorrow I will probably feel the same way.  As though my practice is only just beginning.

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