On my way home from work yesterday

A woman burdened with stroller, purse, and bags, and dandling a little girl, about 15 months, was waiting for the bus in the rain at Steel Plaza on Grant Street. She didn’t have an umbrella, and it was coming down steadily, turning to snow.  Businessmen in expensive woolen coats, secretaries getting off work, lawyers in black, and young men in hoodies stood by, dry and comfortable.   She pulled the blanket around her baby’s head and cooed softly to her.  I watched and wondered if she would be offended.  Finally, I simply offered: “Would you like to share my umbrella?”  “Yes, please!” she enthused.  So I held it the purple arc over her and her child, and she taught the girl to say “umbrella.”  Then her bus came, and I walked her to the door.

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