Meditating with Nepali Women

This afternoon I concluded my two-hour English lesson for the women’s group with an 10 minute meditation session.  All twelve women very agreeably got down onto the floor with me.  I kept trying to tell them that, for once they were the teachers and I was the student, but they simply copied everything that I did.  If I sat cross-legged, they sat cross-legged.  When I sat up on my knees, so did they.  Only Susshila refused, thankfully.  She is fairly old and portly by Nepali standards and wanted to lean against the wall.   This gave everyone the option to sit as they pleased.

Deelu showed me how to hold my hands for chanting Om–arms outstretched on my knees, thumb and forefinger touching–and we got started.  We actually ended up chanting Om a few times, sustaining the sound for much longer than I had expected.  Then we theoretically lapsed into silence.  We were not quiet for 20 seconds, when Susshila and Sova started to chatter in the back of the room.  Rayvati began to smile, and I cracked up.  This got the rest of the room laughing.  And that was my experience meditating with Nepali women.

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