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    Hey Kimberly
    I sit next to this woman at work who is getting chemo treatments for breast cancer-hence no hair etc—her husband is a minister-who has no congregation but am told he ministers to the salvation army. He pays nothing told the household, causing her to always work overtime-she has been hospitalized from the chem twice in the past two months causing her to miss work and have constant anxiety about paying the bills. She says he hasnt touched her since she developed cancer, and said when you get married Its for better and for worse. There religion condemns homosexuals and he has a gay son who is banished from the family
    The last time she opened her mouth about homosexuals I jumped down her throat and told her how offensive this was to me—she appologized—but I dont want to give her anymore anxiety than she already has
    I mean its hard to believe that anybody can be this brainwashed in this day and age

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      Nancy, Namaste!

      Whenever I write about sexism in Nepal I am always conscious of the prevalence of sexist attitudes–hatred for women and non-dominant men and gay people–in our own country. We still have a long way to go. I am sorry that your friend is living under such horrible conditions.

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