1. Marianne

    You have really been through a lot, Kimberly, both in your trip to Nepal and in your emotional journey. You sound like you are dealing with it bravely and with open eyes.

  2. Jess

    From the path I stumble upon, these words were given to me during one of my moments of silence:
    “Whenever negative emotiions seep into your heart; first acknowledge that what you are experiencing is just a repeat (mental) habit; that these thoughts and feelings are not true reality but only projections of distortions; then repeat to yourself these words:
    “I am God’s created son/daughter. His Life is my life. His love lives within me. His power is my power. His wisdom, my wisdom. Whatever is good is mine. God is all wisdom and is all Good. He knows the best of all the good and will bring this good to me and into my life just at the time needed. My life is secure in Him. The Angels are my special and best friends ever. they surround me continually with light and protection and power. They direct my thoughts, my hands and my feet.
    I now rejoice in God’s hands. I look forward to beauty and blessings. I know that only good and only God control my life. I live in Him and His Spirit lives in me. Sunshine of Living Joy surrounds me. I breathe in God’s Life energy. I am healed. I am whole. I am loved eternally.
    No sadness, no fear, no doubt can pierce the armor of God’s righteousness which covers me.
    I rest in Jehovah. His Life floods through me now and ever more. I am at peace. I am calm and happy and secure. I want for nothing. God is my ALL.”

    Keeping you covered with daily prayers. Interested to hear of the circumstances leading to your departing Nepal and returning home. Glad to hear you have A/C. What a blessing during these hot days of Summer! Ciao! Jess

  3. Anonymous

    Searching on Tara images I stumbled on your amazing post. Thank you for all the wisdom, intelligence and effort you put into this. It was timely as I wrestle to accept my own dukkha to find your words like a manifestation of Tara herself….

  4. ·

    Really nice style and design and great articles , absolutely nothing else we need : D.

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      I just found your comment and want to thank you for your compliments. It is always good to hear positive feedback. Thank you.

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