A comment from a former student

A former student made the following comment on an older, now-defunct blog that I thought I had deleted. ┬áIt’s a very nice response to my blog entitled “Writing,” and I repeat it here because I like it. And also because hearing from students like Courtney means a lot to me.

hey, it’s former student Courtney – we run into each other from time to time when I am buying chocolate or on my way to work in Oakland. Just wanted to thank you for such an honest, beautiful post. Do you think some of that student resistance stems partly from the student population, or is more a shift in perspective over time? I remember when I was an undergraduate in the late nineties it seemed like most of us were there in order to engage and learn and grow, and grades, while important, weren’t owed… but there is definitely a shift happening. Regardless, I think you were, and still are, an amazing teacher and I never would have read Paradise Lost, and nominally understood it, without you!