What I love here:

The comforting croak of the frogs at night. The sound of rain on a tin roof. Women walking in kurtas, veils trailing. Hennaed hands on the first of Saun. Temples like mushrooms in the unlikeliest of places. Mild-mannered dogs, neither tame nor wild, sleeping in intersections. Ducklings waddling down the center of the street. Chicks … Continue reading What I love here:

Krishala, again

28 June 2011 Eve Just back from the orphanage.  Maria, who is starting her fifth year of medical school, went with me to check up on Krishala, who was ill again today.  The report on Krishala’s stool sample came back and informed us that she has ameobic dysentery, which is extremely common among children in … Continue reading Krishala, again

Laxmi Update

27 June 2011 I continue to worry about Laxmi.   We’ve started math classes at the women’s center and she appears to have trouble even with rudimentary arithmetic. This may have something to do with her unfamiliarity with western-style numerals, but I fear that the problem is deeper.   It would seem that she has had very … Continue reading Laxmi Update