What is Gender?

The people in this cartoon are “doing gender.”  What does this mean? What is gender? Gender is an embodied social program, an ideological construction of the body that we do not simply perform in language and gesture, but also inhabit and experience somatically (from the Greek, soma), in the body . Gender is durable, although not inevitable, … More What is Gender?

Danse Macabre

So I’m listening to Mahler’s first symphony, which I love and have loved for all of my entire adult life.  Or since I was 20.  When does adult life begin?  Hard to say.  I’m about to turn 50 and still sometimes have trouble understanding myself as grown up.  But what is the 1st symphony about? … More Danse Macabre

Fear of Writing

A fellow wordpresser relates that she typed in “fear and writing” and that a lot of stuff came up. She didn’t explain what came up,, or what prompted her to google “fear and writing,” but she did say this: A friend and I laugh about how it’s gotten that not only do you have to write … More Fear of Writing

under the radar

I hang out with a group of women in their forties and fifties.  A few of us in their sixties, and a few in their twenties.  What do we have in common?  You could mention loss, heartache, trauma, success, strength, chutzpah, charm, beauty, brains. You could say we are women who are awake.  What holds … More under the radar