Bikram Day 26: the back and the belly and the mind

What I’m liking best about bikram these days is the yogatalk in the locker room afterwards.  Today I mentioned that sivasana is still incredibly painful for me and elicited a chorus of similar complaints and advice.  The consensus view is that I don’t know how to stand or sit properly, like lots of women.  What … More Bikram Day 26: the back and the belly and the mind

Day 19

Day 19.  It was good to hear that Mayhem, who is also on day 19 in the challenge, had a lousy day today, especially since I have been having some pretty crummy times in class lately.  She’s a roller-derby queen.  I think her real name is Michelle.  She doesn’t like it as much as her … More Day 19

Bikram Day 15

After half a month, I think I’ve reached some kind of plateau.  I don’t seem to be getting better at the poses as rapidly as I did before, and I often feel very tired in class. The first few days, I felt completely exhausted after class and could not understand why Jonathan, my friend, said he … More Bikram Day 15

Bending in Bikram

I resisted bikram yoga for years.  I had tried it once and found it oppressively hot and even rather disgusting.  All those sweaty, fatty male bodies and their sweaty smells.   But I’m committed to it now.   I’ve even signed up for the 100 day challenge. Today is day 12. I’ve already noticed a … More Bending in Bikram