I burned the pine nuts

So, we’re making two rather complicated recipes from Mario Battali’s grill book:  Monkfish in Prosciutto with Pesto Fregola, and Fennel with Sambuca and Grapefruit.  It has been really a lot of fun so far.  But I burned the pine nuts, and there aren’t any more.  And he’s really mad at me.  I didn’t mean to burn them.  Just got carried away with the good conversation, the wine and the enthusiasm of watching the Tarheels take the game back from Maryland.

…But now he’s really disappointed because he’s really very much into getting all the details right, and I’m, well, I’m just not as good at details as he is.  And also I make a terrible mess when I cook, just as I do when I paint.  Spill water all over the floor, and whatnot.  So he’s out there at the grill now, alone, and I’m inside, not talking to him.  My feelings are hurt.  Stupid thing to get mad at.  And they’re not terribly burned, just blackened on one side.  “Those are NOT going into the meal.”

Too late.  I already picked out the not-so-charred ones and mixed them in.  And you know what?  It tastes great.  Gonna sprinkle my fish with blackened pine nuts.

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