In the Viper Pit: Male Rape and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

This blog post explores some of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual effects of sexual assault on male survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST).  Although the percentage of female survivors of MST is greater than the percentage of male survivors, the number of men who have sustained this trauma far exceeds the number of female survivors, since the veteran … More In the Viper Pit: Male Rape and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

Katya’s Story

The horrific summary appeared in the Guardian: When they assessed her case, British immigration officials knew that Katya, a vulnerable 18-year-old from Moldova, had been trafficked and forced into prostitution, but ruled that she would face no real danger if she was sent back. Days after her removal from the UK, her traffickers tracked her down … More Katya’s Story

Catholic Bishops Actively Oppose Equality of Women, Again

The bishops are all hot and bothered about women in the church again, and, as usual, it is a nun who has driven them to distraction. People who believe in divine revelation universally agree that revelation is received through language.  Language expresses and is shaped by the culture in which it is spoken.  Language reflects … More Catholic Bishops Actively Oppose Equality of Women, Again

What is Gender?

The people in this cartoon are “doing gender.”  What does this mean? What is gender? Gender is an embodied social program, an ideological construction of the body that we do not simply perform in language and gesture, but also inhabit and experience somatically (from the Greek, soma), in the body . Gender is durable, although not inevitable, … More What is Gender?

International Women’s Day

3/8/10 Today, March 8, I am blogging in commemoration of International Women’s Day.  The great German socialist and feminist Clara Zetkin is credited for having invented the memorial as part of her fight for women’s suffrage and for better working conditions for women and men everywhere. The socialist movement had always been an international campaign, part … More International Women’s Day