Namo Buddha (Hail to the Buddha) and Nepali Women

3 July 2, 2011 Yesterday I visited an important Buddhist shrine, Namo or Naya Buddha, with two other volunteers, Shannon and Darima, and a group of Hindu women from the Women’s Center. I teach these Nepali women English, and they taught me more about Nepali spirituality than any book or article I’ve read.  They don’t … More Namo Buddha (Hail to the Buddha) and Nepali Women

Good Morning Nepal

Today is the first of my real working days here in Nepal.  For now, my schedule will be: 7am  Orphanage—where there are six children who have been rescued from the street. 9am –Breakfast of dal bhat and water 11am—Women’s Center, where I will be teaching very poor women how to speak conversational English 1pm—short break … More Good Morning Nepal

under the radar

I hang out with a group of women in their forties and fifties.  A few of us in their sixties, and a few in their twenties.  What do we have in common?  You could mention loss, heartache, trauma, success, strength, chutzpah, charm, beauty, brains. You could say we are women who are awake.  What holds … More under the radar